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Illustrated Tourist Map of California, San Jose – 1927

This is something interesting that I need to share it, here for a full-size picture.large detailed old tourist illustrated map of California stateAnd some random facts

  • In 1913, California purchased the state of Nevada to create an illustrated short history of itself in an attempt to increase tourism. The only problem was you could only see it from space, and since space flight would not be invented for another 48 years, it was deemed a waste of money and was sold back to the Nevada government for a small profit.
  • Total population in 1920 was 36,000, so the city likely wasn’t famous for much at that time.

  • Was it really just all prunes here in 1927? I know Hewlett and Packard didn’t go into business until around 1940, but that’d still be hard to believe that it was mostly prunes, missions, and what is now San José State.

And here is a video about San Jose

This film was produced for the San Jose Chamber of Commerce in the early 1950s as a promotional tool. San Jose was the focal point of the Santa Clara Valley, and it’s all here in its heyday. Follow two beauties from place to place as they show off the glamor of San Jose! New suburban homes were rising, including Cambrian Park, and San Jose’s old City Hall was still standing. Valley landmarks such as Santa Clara University and San Jose State College are featured, as are businesses like O’Brien’s Candies, Bettencourt’s Market, the Farmers’ Union, and Normandin’s Plymouth De Soto. Film made by Raycliff Pictures.

If you have old films of San Jose or the Bay Area, the Pioneers Film Archive wants to hear from you! We offer a free DVD copy if you allow us to preserve and share your historical films and photographs. The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County are a non-profit historical organization who aims to preserve & promote history and encourage research & scholarship. Visit us at and feel free to email us at [email protected]

Transferred & Edited by William Foley A Part of the Pioneers Film Archive.
©2011 California Pioneers of Santa Clara County

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