35 Best Startups Successfully Rebranded Their Names

35 Best Startups Successfully Rebranded Their Names

Posted on: January 12, 2021 - In: Everything Marketing Startup

Brand names and identities are changing all the time — and it’s not just restricted to those companies who want to overhaul their public image. 

The process of rebranding is no less than walking on a thin layer of ice where one small mistake can lead to an imminent downfall. From logo changes over the years to brand name revamps,  the industry has seen it all. 

Here Are 35 Brands That Changed Their Identity With Time:

BackRub > Google
Kadabra > Amazon
SaaSure > Okta
Palo Alto Delivery > DoorDash
/dev/payments > Stripe
SMTP API > SendGrid
micro-soft > Microsoft
twttr > twitter
UberCab > UBER
zimrides > Lyft
Kibble > Netflix
Squirrel > Square
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing > 3M
Bank of Italy > Bank of America
justin.tv > Twitch
ShoeSite > zappos
Jomax Technologies > GoDaddy
Software Development Laboratories > Oracle
snew > Reddit
Burbn > Instagram
Savage Beast Technologies > Pandora
kaChing > Wealthfront
SaaSBee > Zoom
TheFacebook > Facebook
Brad’s Drink > Pepsi
Stag Party > Playboy
Unadulterated Food Products > Snapple
Goodfellow’s Dry Goods Company > Target
Dynamic Network Services > Dyn
Cymitar Technology Group > Rackspace
North Tahoe Power Tools > Workday
Plankton > Firebase
Stickybits > Turntable FM
RelayRides > Turo
Quantum Computer Services > AOL

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