Why CRM is important?

Posted on: January 14, 2020 - In: Everything Marketing Observations Social Media

CRM is mainly a tool that helps sales managers to boost sales. That was my idea of a CRM, no big deal right? or that’s what I thought until about year and a half ago when I started using it seriously. I have mentioned earlier that I visited Salesforce and discovered most of the features of Pardot (email marketing tool) in San Francisco.

Lately, I felt more confident and started digging more into Salesforce from Pardot and using more and more every day (for work with real data) and even attending online training that I recommend to everyone.
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Anyway, usually CRM is a tool that helps professionals to keep track of their costumers and sales. Some of the features of Salesforce are mindblowing and amazing I cannot recommend it enough (this endorsement is not paid).

I can see myself using it for my everyday life and organizing everything starting from my contacts, relationships, and even grocery lists.

As I usually like to surfing on twitter, this tweet appeared from T-Mobile CEO John Legree up on my feed and it was CALL TO Action #Promoted

Best part about following me? Other than everything, it might be that I give stuff away a lot! So follow me, T-Mobile CEO, and you might win a prize or two

And there it is I said! My ideal experiment on reverse-engineering the social media habits of someone like T-Mobile CEO. Does he have the right team to help him create and track his social media giveaways or it just a t-shirt for a tweet or retweet?

I can read his public email and I write a simple thank you email stating my address and kind of t-shirt I needed with my gender (for some reason).

As you can see I emailed at 4:55 PM and got a quick response by 5:33 PM really good and as expected the assistant was aware of t-shirt giveaway but nothing to track winners (Or people like me) I assume.

A few days later, just around a weekend, I got this package and I was not sure what would it be inside because I forgot about it.

Tshirt on the Mail

Wohooo I got the t-shirt, on the pictures below it looks like red but it is T-Mobile’s signature color magenta (Bright Pink)

As shown here 🙂

And shortly after this became my favorite weekend T-shirt because it is a very bright color and cars can spot me in a second. (Safety First) I wear this t-shirt while biking, hiking and the gym.

Biking with James and wearing the T-Mobile T-shirt

And why CRM is important you ask me?
If you paid attention to my excitement and all the things considered here John Legree‘s little game converted even me that I wasn’t part of the game to a follower (on twitter) and now I know a thing or two about his public persona and his crazy thoughts.

But I have not converted to T-Mobile customer, I believe that if used a CRM they would track me and followup with me. At least I would be in a funnel about to be converted to a sale by now. I would have been in any retargeting campaigns.

CRM would be a perfect tool to track and keep the engagement with me and a potential prospect that eventually would give in, but since they used e-mail a nothing tracking me I just faded away eventually.

This happened almost a year ago February 2019, I remembered that I have these screenshots on my phone because I was at the gym today with this t-shirt and wanted to share the story.

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