Apple Card in 1992

apple credit plan application

As you might know earlier this year Apple launched Apple Card. On a preview post Invited to get Apple Card, I got some comments that I am such a ‘fanboy’. Today while reading something I saw something familiar from u/SarcasmSandwich saying “Going through a 1992 Apple Catalog found something that looked a bit familiar.”


Google Webmaster Conference Mountain View: Product Summit

I had the privilege to attend the Google Webmaster Conference Mountain View: Product Summit on November 4, 2019.

First off I want to thank Google team for organizing this and inviting me to be there, I wanted to make sure I remember most of the things and I took some notes about the event to share with SEO community.


Internet Marketing Acronyms

Internet Marketing Acronyms

CMS – Content Marketing System (software to create, edit webpages)

COS – Content Optimization System (optimization to reach the largest possible target audience.)

CPA – Cost per Action, also Cost per Acquisition

CPC – Cost per Click


Webmaster Conference in Mountain View

Webmaster Conference Mountain View Product Summit

Google is bringing its Webmaster Conference to Mountain View on November 4th. I definitely got excited to make it to this one, although, the application process was just a few days due to overwhelming number of applications luckily I got the invite.

The official description of the event:


Computer sciences – Video Channels

Awesome YouTubers

Computer sciences

The core concepts of the computer sciences can be found here. Some channels teach you about math operations, including a lot of playlists with different math topics. The same goes for math and physics closely related to computers and hardware. Perfect if you want to learn about the deepest terms.


Hardware – Video Channels

Awesome YouTubers

CPU’s, motherboards, monitors, keyboards, mouses, PC’s/Laptops and all about hardware. Modems and routers can be also found here, as well as the newest phones and other technological gadgets. Get recommendations and price/quality comparisons about these products.


Audio and video – Video Channels

Awesome YouTubers

Tutorials about audio and video making. Includes wide topics, such as design, animation, rendering, hardware and more. Using the most popular and the best software to create stunning video animations, well-produced songs and stuff related to these topics.

OBEDIA channel's avatar

Content about: Audio, Hardware 
Featured playlists: PreSonus Studio One TutorialsCubase TutorialsAbleton Tutorials by OBEDIACakewalk Sonar Tutorials.

Black Mixture channel's avatar

Black Mixture  
Content about: After Effects, Animation 
Featured playlists: SPEEDPAINT ANIMATIONMotion DesignAfter Effects Tutorials

Avnish Parker channel's avatar

Avnish Parker  
Content about: Animation, Design 
Featured playlists: After Effects TutorialsText Animation - After Effects TutorialsLogo Intro - After Effects TutorialsMotion Graphics - After Effects Tutorials.

Deny King channel's avatar

Deny King   
Content about: Video, Photos 
Featured playlists: Video EditingManipulation PicsArtmany other video/photo editing videos

Blender Guru channel's avatar

Blender Guru 
Content about: Blender, 3D modeling 
Featured playlists: Blender beginner tutorial seriesBlender modeling chair tutorialCouch tutorial series

Grant Abbitt channel's avatar

Grant Abbitt  
Content about: 3D modeling, Reptology, Blender 
Featured playlists: Learn sculpting in blender 2.8Blender 2.8 for beginners full course

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CG Fast Track  
Content about: Blender 
Featured playlists: Blender Fast Track

Digital design – Video Channels

Awesome YouTubers

Web design tutorials are listed in the web development section. But, of course, the digital design is incredibly big, including nice pictures and draw representations about a famous person or attractive promotional videos. Get the knowledge about how to do these things and be a professional with design programs.


Life skills and job searching – Video Channels

Your professional side can be reinforced while watching these tutorials. It’s important to know how to manage you money and keep track of it, as well as tips to get the job you want or start one by yourself. Find also coding/design/tech companies interview methods. channel's avatar  
Content about: Job searching, General skills, Life tips 
Featured playlists: Searching For A JobEconomic thinking playlistsOffice Suite tutorialsMaking DecisionsLife skills playlistsand more!.

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Content about: Job tips, Health 
Featured playlists: How to Kickstart Your Software Engineering Career📈career 📈🖥t e c h 🖥🌱health 🌱

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Joshua Fluke   
Content about: Interviews, Portfolio Reviews, Getting a Job 
Featured playlists: EntrepreneurshipHow to apply to jobs

Internet and networking – Video Channels

Awesome YouTubers

Internet connection and networking is a wide topic, and it’s common to get stuck while learning about this. Get awesome playlists and videos about both software and hardware to know how does the internet connection and networking works. How to properly set a modem/router and what are the IPs, DNS and more.

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Net VN  
Content about: Internet, Networking, Command line, Hardware 
Featured playlists: A lot of router/modem playlistsSoftware management of internet connection and network videos

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Network Direction  
Content about: Networking 
Featured playlists: Network DirectionNetwork FundamentalsFirewall and LAN videos

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Content about: Networking, CCNA 
Featured playlists: Full Series | 200-301 CCNA | Free Cisco Video Training 2020 | Networking Inc.other networking videos.