MozCon – The Easiest Way To Learn Many SEO Things at Once?

Valon Badivuku at MOZ CON 2018

Posted on: July 10, 2018 - In: Everything SEO

MozCon is happening in Seattle, Washington is the ideal location for SEO Talks to launch another discussion series and tech blog. Located just minutes north of the Downtown, MozCon is home to some of the SEO’s top talent. Notable success stories include Amazon, Microsoft, and the hot coffee chain Starbucks. CEOs, SEO, SEM, Content Developers, Designers, Developers, and entrepreneurs of every stripe can be found in the corridor that runs in the convention center.

The first day, I got to meet with Roger

-To be continued…

I had a really good time at MozCon and loved it every second of it because I couldn’t get to write things in details, and I honestly think that these are much better than what I was going to write. Please take a look at A Tale of Two Lunch Tables at MozCon 2018 (Content-Driven Link Building and Local Search) and MozCon 2018: A Page One Power Recap



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