Finally we got engaged!

Valon and Eldita got Engaged!

Posted on: June 8, 2018 - In: Everything

We got Engaged!

This trip has been in the pipeline pretty much since the moment I and my girlfriend (Eldita) decided to get married. Having never been together for more than 10 years, this was just formality but looking back two weeks later I think we had been a blast.

We’re in our early thirties and three years ago we took the plunge and moved to San José, California the last 8 months have been really hard for both of us, Eldita is working on her permanent residency card which will take 16 more months to live apart. And going back home with our families would be a good way to reward ourselves and celebrate life with our loved ones.

The trip was lots of fun and we shared lots of great experiences. I was there for so short that I’ve felt the need to extend my trip but there was no way to do so because of my work.

Anyway, in those short 8 days that I spend back home, I managed to go to the seaside (Vlore, Albania)

Vlore Albania

The most beautiful place that I know of, and after plenty of planning, we decided if we were ever going to get engaged in the traditional way then this was it. Decided Let’s do it. Within 3 days we invited our families, we booked a small venue and luckily for us live music was already booked by the venue.

And we already started planning our wedding (s), one in Kosovo and the other one in California.

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