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I’m a product developer, product manager, web designer, visual designer, UX architect, front-end, back-end, and all-the-ends-in-the-middle developer — just an all-around, jack-of-all-trades web guy.

Most of the time I’m out and about helping startups turn a great idea into a great product, but every so often I’ll contribute something or other to the great world of meetups and conferences, share some nice square-ish pictures, or post stupid stuff on Twitter.

If you want to see some of the things I’ve built, work with me, have a chat or ask about the whole name thing, feel free to email me. I try to get back quickly.

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MozCon – 2021 Virtual

Like everyone else, I am trying to get through these days while being on self-isolation and #WorkFromHome. Today July 12th and 14th, 15th will be attending #MozCon 2021 virtually. Same as last year MozCon 2020.


The Graduation Ceremony of JuniorGeeks 2

Junior Geeks is an educational and engaging flagship program designed to inspire and guide bright young Kosovars hone their skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Art and Mathematics) and channel their capacities for innovation.

The mission of this comprehensive platform is to give teenagers the opportunity to discuss, research, and learn firsthand about STEM topics in a stimulating and creative environment while inspiring a love for science.


These brands made 180 pivots from the initial idea

Started reading about company pivots and quickly found myself blown away by some that I had no idea existed. I’m talking a complete 180 of a pivot, which led to the brands we now know.


MozCon – 2020 Virtual

MozCon 2020 Virtual

Like everyone else, I am trying to get through these days while being on self-isolation and #WorkFromHome. Today July 14th and tomorrow 15th will Moz Con 2020 is happening virtually.


Brain Drain and its effects after pandemic!

Brain Drain effects after the pandemic was a great conversation that is organized by STIKK.


Free SVG Illustrations

Free SVG Illustrations

When you need SVG illustrations and your googe about it usually results are not that good. I can’t remember if I’ve seen a GitHub list similar to this before but if a google search doesn’t turn anything up I’d suggest you put that on there.

This list down below is great for projects that I am involved in, I hope it helps you too!


Hackathon in Times of Corona

Hack the Crisis Kosova

Hack the Crisis Kosova is an online hackathon organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo, researchers, institutions, private sectors, startups and tech enthusiasts.


Why CRM is important?

CRM is mainly a tool that helps sales managers to boost sales. That was my idea of a CRM, no big deal right? or that’s what I thought until about year and a half ago when I started using it seriously. I have mentioned earlier that I visited Salesforce and discovered most of the features of Pardot (email marketing tool) in San Francisco.