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I don’t have the habit of talking out everything that comes into my mind with everyone. I am facing a lot of problems due to it. That’s why I want to think twice before I blog. Usually, people who speak a lot or/and who speak at a faster pace, tend to divulge things without any intention of doing so. The only way I can think of overcoming this is by practice. If I can make a habit of writing a lot, and editing a bit. Then I can concentrate talking more about everything. I don’t really know how what I say can have an effect on others and especially on you. Im here to Practice!

Minimum Wage Machine – Work in Progress

Recently I came across of this picture, it is from 2016 and I thought that the same still applies even more. If you earn a decent living, it’s easy to wonder why the hell someone would do any job for such a tiny amount. You might sympathize if they were to, say, opt out of the pointless drive for full employment. Maybe you’ll start to realize that nobody should be subjected to soul-crushing robot work for so little compensation, and “being lazy” has little to do with it.

Hello world!

This is my first post, and i will try to blog in english, if you notice something that you think it’s not correct and wanna help, please email me valon(@)badivuku(.)com…