Minimum Wage Machine – Work in Progress

Posted on: April 6, 2018 - In: Everything

This picture reminds us that there is more to work and compensation than just earning a salary. People should not have to endure jobs that are soul-crushing and lack meaning, even if they pay well. Instead, we should strive for a world where everyone is able to do work that they enjoy and that gives them a sense of purpose. This means valuing non-monetary forms of compensation, such as happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth, just as highly as financial rewards.

Image copyright - BLAKE FALL-CONROY

Work in Progress

When cranking out pennies from the Minimum Wage Machine, It is easy to feel more sympathy for those working low-wage jobs such as flipping burgers or managing dressing rooms at Walmart, especially when considering that the minimum wage machine, which simulates work for minimum wage, is comparatively cushy with no rude customers or danger, and even provides a workout for the shoulders and triceps.

The Minimum Wage Machine is designed to simulate minimum wage work. By turning the crank, participants can earn one penny every 4 seconds, equivalent to the $9.00 per hour minimum wage in New York state in 2016. If the participant stops turning the crank, they stop receiving money. The machine operates using hand-crank power and stores the earned pennies in a plexiglass box. It can be reprogrammed to reflect changes in minimum wage or to align with minimum wage rates in other locations.

It is worth visiting artist’s homepage and looking at other work as well Link: Blake Fall Conory

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