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Posted on: July 12, 2021 - In: Everything Marketing SEO

Like everyone else, I am trying to get through these days while being on self-isolation and #WorkFromHome. Today July 12th and 14th, 15th will be attending #MozCon 2021 virtually. Same as last year MozCon 2020.

Most important take aways from – MozCon 2021

1 – Surround yourself with people willing to show you a new way (show >> tell) – it is easy to find people to tell you you are doing it wrong, find the people who build stuff to show you a new way.

2 – Best practices are only good when you can’t get the data for your own site. Whenever I hear best practices, I instantly start thinking…can I get this data myself and show this person whether it’s accurate or not for their site. I’ve changed a LOT of minds that way.

3 – Go look at your last report, hit CTRL F and look for the $ signs. If you don’t have any, change that NEXT week, find some way to get a dollar value in there. Always share your assumptions in a sheet so your client can correct you and then your impact $ changes w/ their input.

4 – You have more data on what people are really wondering than most others do in your client’s organization, your data is faster (you get search data daily), so you can see changes in customer sentiment – use that to influence messaging across the organization.

5 – Google has pretty much every click, back button, search, refinement, etc going back for YEARS and some of the smartest machine learning engineers on the planet, that SERP you scrape is Customer Intelligence, use it for more than “we rank #5”.

6 – You spend you whole career getting good at something, it’s hard to go back to being a rookie again. If you wanna be an innovator get out of rooms where people ask you to school them and get into rooms where you are getting schooled. That is how so many new ideas come to me.

6.1 – Then take your new skills and apply them back to the area where you have the expertise, you’ll see the same problems as everyone else, but you’ll have tools they aren’t even thinking of deploying.

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