Internet Marketing Acronyms

Internet Marketing Acronyms

Posted on: November 1, 2019 - In: Everything Marketing Observations

CMS – Content Marketing System (software to create, edit webpages)

COS – Content Optimization System (optimization to reach the largest possible target audience.)

CPA – Cost per Action, also Cost per Acquisition

CPC – Cost per Click


CPM – Cost per one thousand impressions

CR – Conversion Rate

CRM – Customer Relationship Management (software) 

CTA – Call to Action

CTR – Click Through Rate

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

LTV – Life Time Value (of a customer)

PPC – Pay per Click

PPL – Pay per Lead

PPS – Pay per Sale

PV – Page View

ROI – Return on Investment

SAAS – Software as a Service

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SERP – Search Engine Results Pages

SMM – Social Media Marketing

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