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Programming in general

There’re a lot of programming languages out there. In this section, you can find any programming language, including Python, C, Java. Also, many YouTubers teach about frameworks of these languages. Not only programming languages but more general programming stuff. You can find either practical tutorials or theoretical tutorials.

Tech With Tim channel's avatar

Tech With Tim   
Content about: Python, Other about tech 
Featured playlists: Python Machine Learning TutorialsPython Programming TutorialsKivy Tutorials Pythonand other Python playlists.

Derek Banas channel's avatar

Derek Banas   
Content about: Mathematics, Programming languages 
Featured playlists: Learn AlgebraC++ TutorialC# TutorialJava Video Tutoriala lot of diverse topics

Don Jones channel's avatar

Don Jones 
Content about: PowerShell 
Featured playlists: Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of LunchesSAPIEN PowerShell TrainingPowerShell Tips, Tricks, and Snippets.

Corey Schafer channel's avatar

Corey Schafer  
Content about: Python, Backend 
Featured playlists: Python TutorialsDjango TutorialsFlask TutorialsMatplotlib TutorialsSQL Tutorials

Brian Will channel's avatar

Brian Will 
Content about: Backend, Rendering, Theoretical classes 
Featured playlists: OpenGLthe Clojure languagePython playlistsPigeon, an educational programming languagemany more interesting playlists!

LearningLad channel's avatar

Content about: C, C#, C++ 
Featured playlists: Learn C Programming Language | Tutorial for BeginnersLearn C++ Programming | Video Tutorial for BeginnersC++ Object Oriented Programmingand many more playlists.

David Bombal channel's avatar

David Bombal   
Content about: Ethical hacking, Linux 
Featured playlists: CCNA Exam: 200-125, 100-105 and 200-105Cisco playlistsSDN Videos

Ben Eater channel's avatar

Ben Eater  
Content about: Assembly language, Hardware, Computer sciences 
Featured playlists: Building an 8-bit breadboard computer!Network tutorialDigital electronics tutorialsa lot of videos related.

The Coding Train channel's avatar

The Coding Train   
Content about: Algorithms, Various programming languages 
Featured playlists: The Nature of Code: Simulating Natural Systems with ProcessingLearning Processing: A Beginner's Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction.

Geek's Lesson channel's avatar

Geek’s Lesson   
Content about: Backend, Theoretical, Data 
Featured playlists: Data structures playlistsBackend programming languages videosMathematics videos

Intellipaat channel's avatar

Content about: DevOps, Artificial intelligence 
Featured playlists: DevOps Tutorial for BeginnersArtificial Intelligence TutorialMachine Learning TutorialPython Tutorial for Beginners.

ProgrammingKnowledge channel's avatar

Content about: Backend, APIs 
Featured playlists: Node.js Tutorial for BeginnersPython 3 Tutorial for BeginnersC++ Programming Tutorial for Beginnersother videos about different programming languages.

Coding Tech channel's avatar

Coding Tech   
Content about: All programming, Talks 
Featured playlists: Frontend development videosBackend development videosTheoretical videosa lot more tech topics playlists!

Simplified Coding channel's avatar

Simplified Coding  
Content about: Android, Backend 
Featured playlists: PHP, MySQL and Firebase videosKotlin Programming Tutorialmore videos and playlists

Smartherd channel's avatar

Content about: Kotlin, Android, more programming languages 
Featured playlists: a lot of Kotlin & Android videosRuby Tutorial for BeginnersDart Tutorial for BeginnersJava Tutorial for Beginners.

Tensor Programming channel's avatar

Tensor Programming 
Content about: Rust, Dart, Flutter 
Featured playlists: Flutter TutorialsDart & Dart for BeginnersIntro to Rust & Rust Projects channel's avatar   
Content about: General Programming, Computer Science, Web Dev, DevOps, etc. 
Featured Playlists: Python TutorialsMachine LearningJava Tutorials

CS Dojo channel's avatar

CS Dojo  
Content about: Python and General Concepts 
Featured Playlists: Data Structures and AlgorithmsPython Tutorials for Absolute BeginnersCoding Interview Questions and Answers.

sentdex channel's avatar

Content about: Python for AI and Finance 
Featured Playlists: Python Programming for FinanceMachine Learning with PythonNeural Networks from Scratch in Python.

Java Brains channel's avatar

Java Brains  
Content about: Spring, Java 
Featured Playlists: Spring Framework Courses playlistsSpring Boot Microservices - Full Course playlistsJava EE Courses playlists.

IAmTimCorey channel's avatar

Content about: C#, .NET 
Featured Playlists: Advanced Topics in C#Getting Started with C#C# User Interfacesmany other C# videos.NET video tutorials.

WilliamFiset channel's avatar

Content about: Algoritms, Data structures 
Featured Playlists: Network Flow playlistData structures playlistGraph Theory PlaylistTree AlgoritmsDynamic Programming.

Caleb Curry channel's avatar

Caleb Curry  
Content about: Python, JavaScript, C, C#, C++ 
Featured Playlists: Python ProgrammingJavaScript playlistC# TutorialsC Programming TutorialsC++ TutorialsJava Tutorialsdatabase tutorial videos.

CodingEntrepreneurs channel's avatar

Content about: Python 
Featured Playlists: 30 Days of Python ~ Python 3.8+Coding With PythonPython 3.8 and Django 3+Install and setup on Windows and Mac.

Sebastiaan Mathôt channel's avatar

Sebastiaan Mathôt  
Content about: Python 
Featured Playlists: Python lecturesImproving and optimizing Pythonsome other Python playlists!

AngelSix channel's avatar

Content about: C# 
Featured Playlists: C# Mastery Course (2020)C# Programming (Beginners).NET Core and ASP.NET Server Development TutorialsWPF UI Programming (C#).

DataDaft channel's avatar

Content about: Data science, Python, R, Practical & theoretical 
Featured Playlists: Python for Data AnalysisIntroduction to RPython Programming PracticePandasmore playlists!.

Fun Fun Function channel's avatar

Fun Fun Function  
Content about: Programming principals, mostly around javascript 
Featured Playlists: OOP in jsUnit testingTDDFunctional programming in javascript.

Mike Dane channel's avatar

Mike Dane Content about: MongoDB, SQL, C#, C++ 
Featured playlists: MongoDB - NoSQL DatabasePHP - Programming LanguageC# - Programming LanguageC++ - Programming Language

Software in general

YouTubers listed in this category may not be programming tutorials or cool design cards, but some other useful software and applications are used every day for everyone. Master that suite you use a lot or learn more about specific services a company provides you with.

Learn Google Spreadsheets channel's avatar

Learn Google Spreadsheets  
Content about: Google Spreadsheets 
Featured playlists: Google Sheets - Fundamental SkillsGoogle Apps Scripts - Fundamental

ICT Tutorial Channel channel's avatar

ICT Tutorial Channel 
Content about: Windows, Networking, C++
Featured playlists: C++ TutorialHome Networking TutorialMicrosoft .NET TutorialComputing in general videos

Online Training for Everyone channel's avatar

Online Training for Everyone  
Content about: Excel, Office suite 
Featured playlists: Excel 2020 TutorialsAdvanced Excel TutorialsMicrosoft Visio TutorialsWindows 10 Tutorials

Simon Sez IT channel's avatar

Simon Sez IT   
Content about: Office suite, Microsoft 
Featured playlists: Excel playlistsQuickBooks playlistsPower BI TutorialsMicrosoft Outlook 2019more videos about Microsoft programs.

Tom Scott channel's avatar

Tom Scott   
Content about: Theoretical videos 
Featured playlists: How To Build An AppThe Basics (Code)other science videos

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