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Posted on: October 10, 2019 - In: YouTube Channels

Tutorials about audio and video making. Includes wide topics, such as design, animation, rendering, hardware and more. Using the most popular and the best software to create stunning video animations, well-produced songs and stuff related to these topics.

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Content about: Audio, Hardware 
Featured playlists: PreSonus Studio One TutorialsCubase TutorialsAbleton Tutorials by OBEDIACakewalk Sonar Tutorials.

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Black Mixture  
Content about: After Effects, Animation 
Featured playlists: SPEEDPAINT ANIMATIONMotion DesignAfter Effects Tutorials

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Avnish Parker  
Content about: Animation, Design 
Featured playlists: After Effects TutorialsText Animation - After Effects TutorialsLogo Intro - After Effects TutorialsMotion Graphics - After Effects Tutorials.

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Deny King   
Content about: Video, Photos 
Featured playlists: Video EditingManipulation PicsArtmany other video/photo editing videos

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Blender Guru 
Content about: Blender, 3D modeling 
Featured playlists: Blender beginner tutorial seriesBlender modeling chair tutorialCouch tutorial series

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Grant Abbitt  
Content about: 3D modeling, Reptology, Blender 
Featured playlists: Learn sculpting in blender 2.8Blender 2.8 for beginners full course

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CG Fast Track  
Content about: Blender 
Featured playlists: Blender Fast Track

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