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Posted on: October 22, 2019 - In: YouTube Channels

Computer sciences

The core concepts of the computer sciences can be found here. Some channels teach you about math operations, including a lot of playlists with different math topics. The same goes for math and physics closely related to computers and hardware. Perfect if you want to learn about the deepest terms.

Zach Star channel's avatar

Zach Star   
Content about: Math 
Featured playlists: Applied MathMath MajorComputer Science/Computer EngineeringElectrical EngineeringMechanical Engineering.

Domain of Science channel's avatar

Domain of Science 
Content about: Math, Quantum Physics 
Featured playlists: Mathematics Videos - Domain of ScienceThe Map of Quantum Physics ExpandedVideos I made for D-Wave Systems.

Neso Academy channel's avatar

Neso Academy   
Content about: Electronics, Networking, Theoretical classes 
Featured playlists: Network TheoryComputer NetworksDigital ElectronicsSignals and SystemsProgramming languages playlists.

Computerphile channel's avatar

Content about: Software, Hardware 
Featured playlists: How Computer Memory WorksData Analysis with Dr Mike PoundArtificial Intelligence with Rob MilesRemote Working Technologies.

stanfordonline channel's avatar

Content about: Theoretical classes, Lectures 
Featured playlists: Computer Science and SecurityEngineeringEnergy TechnologiesLeadership and ManagementNatural Language Processing with Deep Learning.

FCIH OCW channel's avatar

Content about: Math, Data science 
Featured playlists: Data Science, Data Visualization playlistsMathematics and Statistics playlistsmore videos related.

MIT OpenCourseWare channel's avatar

MIT OpenCourseWare  
Content about: Math, Computer science, Engineering 
Featured playlists: Mathematics playlistsComputer science playlistsEngineering playlists

Bob Trenwith channel's avatar

Bob Trenwith  
Content about: Math, Computing 
Featured playlists: a lot of Mathematics playlistsComputing playlists (Computer science)other sciences and interesting playlists.


Content about: Maths and visualization of various mathematical concepts
Featured playlists: Essence Of Calculus, Essence Of linear Algebra, Neural Networks

CS50 channel's avatar

Harvard’s CS50 
Content about: Computer science and General Programming Featured playlists: CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python 2020, CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript 2020, CS50’s Introduction to Game Development 2018.

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