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Posted on: October 10, 2019 - In: YouTube Channels

This is a wide topic. In this section, you can find YouTubers who teach about game development programs (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.), core concepts in different programming languages (JavaScript, HTML5, Java) and art/design creation, 3D modelling and much more.

ScriptersWar channel's avatar

Content about: JavaScript, HTML5 
Featured playlists: How to Make HTML5 Games: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners JS Guidea lot more videos

Brackeys channel's avatar

Content about: Unity, C#, Game design 
Featured playlists: How to make a 2D Platformer - Unity CourseMaking a Multiplayer FPS in UnityHow to program in C# - Beginner CourseUnity 2D Tutorials.

Jonas Tyroller channel's avatar

Jonas Tyroller 
Content about: GameMaker Studio, Tips and planning playlists 
Featured playlists: Will You Snail? - Full Development.Game Dev TipsHow To Get Started With Game Development.

RealTutsGML channel's avatar

Content about: Java, GameMaker Studio 
Featured playlists: Java Basic ProgrammingCool Game Maker TutorialsBeginner Java Game DevelopmentJava Platform Game Programming.

Mark Rise channel's avatar

Mark Rise 
Content about: Game design, Animation 
Featured playlists: Geometric design playlistsVideo Game Character Animation CourseAfter Effects Animation Tutorials.

Chris Courses channel's avatar

Chris Courses  
Content about: HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript 
Featured playlists: HTML5 Canvas Tutorials for Beginners | Become a Canvas Proother JavaScript-related videos

Zenva channel's avatar

Content about: Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot 
Featured playlists: Master Unity Game DevelopmentUnreal Game Development Mini-DegreeGodot Game Development Mini-Degreea very lot more playlists about game development and design!.

Mix and Jam channel's avatar

Mix and Jam 
Content about: Unity 
Featured playlists: Mix and Jam RecreationsGame JamsRE Mix and Jam

Sebastian Lague channel's avatar

Sebastian Lague  
Content about: Unity, C#, Game design 
Featured playlists: Introduction to Game Development (Unity and C#)Procedural Planet GenerationCoding Adventures

DaFluffyPotato channel's avatar

Content about: Pygame 
Featured playlists: Pygame Tutorial Series (beginner)Pygame Tutorial Series (amateur)Pygame Tutorial Series (advanced)more Pygame videos!.

ChiliTomatoNoodle channel's avatar

Content about: C++, DirextX, 3D 
Featured Playlists: Beginner C++ Game ProgrammingIntermediate C++ Game ProgrammingAdvanced C++ Game Programming3D Programming FundamentalsC++ 3D DirextX Programming.

GDQuest channel's avatar

Content about: GODOT 
Featured playlists: Godot 3 tutorials3d Maze Game in GodotMake Your First 2D Game with GodotGodot - Beginner Game Creation Tutorials.

HeartBeast channel's avatar

Content about: GODOT, 2D, GameMaker 
Featured playlists: Godot Engine TutorialsResource Based Inventory Tutorial in Godot2D Hack-n-Slash Course (Complete Course)GameMaker Platform Tutorials.

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