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Posted on: October 10, 2019 - In: YouTube Channels

Abhishek Thakur channel's avatar

Abhishek Thakur  
Content about: Practical videos, Talks 
Featured playlists: Applied Machine Learning FrameworkTips & Tricks of machine learningmore videos!

Ahlad Kumar channel's avatar

Ahlad Kumar  
Content about: Deep learning, Theoretical 
Featured playlists: Deep LearningConvolutional Neural NetworkNeural Networks playlistsmany more playlists!

Aladdin Persson channel's avatar

Aladdin Persson  
Content about: PyTorch, TensorFlow 
Featured playlists: PyTorch TutorialsTensorFlow 2.0 Beginner TutorialsMachine Learning Algorithms

Andreas Mueller channel's avatar

Andreas Mueller 
Content about: Machine learning 
Featured playlists: Applied Machine Learning 2020

Data School channel's avatar

Data School 
Content about: Python, Machine learning, Theoretical 
Featured playlists: Introduction to Machine Learning playlistsData analysis in Python with Pandasother talks videos and Python videos.

Henry AI Labs channel's avatar

Henry AI Labs 
Content about: Theoretical 
Featured playlists: Deep Learning Paper SummariesReinforcement LearningGenerative Adversarial NetworksNeural Network Design.

Jeremy Howard channel's avatar

Jeremy Howard 
Content about: Deep learning, Theoretical 
Featured playlists: Deep Learning from the FoundationsIntroduction to Machine Learning for CodersPractical Deep Learning for Coders (2018, 2019, 2020).

Rasa channel's avatar

Content about: Rasa, AI, NLP 
Featured playlists: NLP for DevelopersDeveloping Contextual AI assistants with Rasa toolsAlgorithm WhiteboardLive Coding.

Yannic Kilcher channel's avatar

Yannic Kilcher  
Content about: NLP, Machine learning, Deep learning, Theoretical 
Featured playlists: Natural Language ProcessingGeneral Machine LearningDeep Learning ArchitecturesComputer VisionApplications of Machine Learningmore!.

OpenAI channel's avatar

Content about: NLP, Machine learning, AI 
Featured playlists: Events and TalksResearch ReleasesRobotics

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