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Posted on: October 9, 2019 - In: Everything YouTube Channels

Web development includes frontend development: the very basics (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) as well as the most modern frameworks (React.js, Vue.js, Angular). It also includes backend development topics, like Node.js, GraphQL, SQL and more basic things, like DNS, URLs, Deployment. You can also find freelancing as a web developer and other related stuff.

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Content about: React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript 
Featured playlists: React.js Tutorial for BeginnersReact.js Hooks TutorialReact.js Redux TutorialReact.js Storybook TutorialReact.js Formik TutorialPractical React.js.

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Content about: Web design, Design, Freelancing 
Featured playlists: Free Web Design Course 2020Portfolios: Case Studies & ReviewsHow To Start FreelancingFREELANCE TIPS: How to find clients & grow your business.

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Content about: React.js, JavaScript 
Featured playlists: react js from scratchNode.js Tutorials For BeginnersData Structures in JavaScriptInterview Preparation.

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CSS Animation 
Content about: CSS 
Featured playlists: Full Course: Level Up Your CSS Animation Skills

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Dani Krossing  
Content about: Web development, Backend 
Featured playlists: HTML and CSS TutorialsJavaScript TutorialsPHP TutorialsjQuery Tutorials

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JavaScript Mastery  
Content about: React.js, JavaScript, Backend 
Featured playlists: Learn JavaScriptMaster React.js by Building Real Projects

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Content about: Web development, Design 
Featured playlists: Live Omatum Bucks Software Project StreamsSoftware Project: OmatumBucksLive Omatum.com Website Development Project StreamsUncut Live Streams.

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Punit Chawla  
Content about: Web design, Adobe XD 
Featured playlists: Design WeeklyDesign Essentials

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Dev Ed   
Content about: Web design, JavaScript, React.js 
Featured playlists: Web Design Tutorial (UI & UX)React.js Tutorial For BeginnersCSS TutorialsJavaScript tutorials playlists.

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Content about: Web design, Design, UI/UX, Adobe XD 
Featured playlists: Illustrator TutorialsAdobe XD TutorialsPhotoshop TutorialsLATEST DEV TUTSLATEST DESIGN TUTS.

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Traversy Media   
Content about: Frontend, Backend 
Featured playlists: HTML & CSSVanilla JavaScriptNode.js VideosReact.js ProjectsPHP Front To Backa lot more of web development playlists!.

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Thomas Bradley 
Content about: Web design, Accessibility, Performance 
Featured playlists: Accessibility and performance videosJekyll playlistsCSS animation videosSEO videosmore videos/playlists about web development.

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Red Stapler 
Content about: JavaScript, CSS 
Featured playlists: CSS Tips and Trickssome playlists about JavaScript libraries

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Brian Design  
Content about: Frontend, React.js, Web design 
Featured playlists: React.js TutorialsHTML, CSS & JavaScript Tutorialsvideos of web design (UI/UX)

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Content about: JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase 
Featured playlists: 100 Seconds of CodeAngular EssentialsFlutterFrontend Mini Projects

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Content about: Frontend, JavaScript, Web design 
Featured playlists: React.js + Redux BasicsVue.js 2 - Getting StartedAmazon Web Services Basics

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Florin Pop  
Content about: JavaScript, CSS 
Featured Playlists: Learn JavaScriptLearn React.jsLearn CSSJavaScript Array Methods

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Content about: Frontend, Web design, CMS 
Featured Playlists: Design Tutorials playlistsCMS Tutorials playlistsHTML & CSS TutorialsReact.js videosand more!

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Programming with Mosh   
Content about: Frontend, Backend 
Featured playlists: JavaScript TutorialsJavaScript frameworks videosPython TutorialsNode.js TutorialsC#.NET Tutorials.

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Content about: JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks 
Featured playlists: JavaScript Tutorial for BeginnersReact.js, Angular and Vue.js playlistsMEAN Stack TutorialsjQuery Tutorial for Beginners.

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Raw Coding  
Content about: ASP.NET, .NET 
Featured playlists: Modern Web Development SeriesVue.js Beginner Guide with ASP.NET CoreASP.NET Core Tutorialsa lot more .NET tutorials!.

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Layout Land 
Content about: CSS 
Featured playlists: CSS theoretical and practical videos

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The Net Ninja   
Content about: Frontend, Backend 
Featured playlists: Flutter Tutorial for BeginnersReact.js and React Native playlistsa lot of JavaScript playlists, including JavaScript frameworksGraphQL Tutorialmany, many more!

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Kevin Powell  
Content about: CSS 
Featured playlists: CSS Grid videosFlexbox basicsResponsive CSS tutorialsCSS animationmany more CSS video tutorials!.

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Harry Wolff  
Content about: React.js, JavaScript 
Featured playlists: React TutorialsBuilding a React Native AppJavaScript TutorialsTypeScript playlist

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Coding Garden  
Content about: JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks 
Featured playlists: Code Wars Code Katas

Hitesh Choudhary channel's avatar

Hitesh Choudhary   
Content about: Frontend, Backend 
Featured playlists: JavaScript courseDocker for BeginnersMongoDB and MochaVue JS Crash Coursea lot more of playlists and videos

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Content about: Web development in general, serverless
Featured playlists: AWS Amplify

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Yuri Artyukh 
Content about: Live coding around creative coding, WebGl (three.js, glsl) JavaScript animations 
Featured playlists: JavaScriptThree.jsgsapPixi.jscanvasglslShaders

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Jason Lengstorf  
Content about: Frontend, Backend, GraphQL, D3, Svelte, other technologies 
Featured playlists: JavaScriptWeb developmentJAMstack

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Content about: JavaScript, CSS and CSS Preprocessors, Next.js 
Featured playlists: CSS Animations SeriesLearn jQuery in 15 MinutesWebflow From ScratchRegular Expressions Series

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