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3 Things I’ve Learned When My Car Tire Blow – SEO

After working on SEMrush (Mainly Testing) and got Certified in SEO Fundamentals, my mind was going places and I had plenty of ideas. I decided to drive to Campbell downtown to grab some food and catch some Pokemon and think of something to blog on. While on I880 Southbound I realized that my car was sliding right side and it was the first time that my tire blows out while I was driving.

Moment That my Car Tire Blow Out
Moment That my Car Tire Blow Out

The problem is that since I moved into the U.S. I don’t really have a family member (My fiancé is back home in Kosovo for vacation) or any other friend that I can call in cases like this to help me.

Holding AAA Membership Card
Holding AAA Membership Card

Andluckily for me a few months ago while surfing on internet I saw a company called AAA with this great service called AAA Roadside Assistance, I called them to send them my current pin on the Google Maps, they send me a like with real-time updates and estimation when they will be there. I think it’s a great service and I recommend using it for $56 a Year. 

About 30 to 40 min wait and tire change, I drove for 4 miles to Stevens Creek Boulevard parked my car in a safe place and did some research on the internet. I realized that most of the tire shop places close at 7 PM I’m not sure why. As a business opportunity, I would recommend that some newly opened shop one or two to work at least 2 more hours and it would make much more profit, especially considering that they would charge an extra as a convenience fee and there’s practically no competition that works afterward.

And finally, here’s a better business idea most of the tire shop companies have outdated web presence, either their Web Sites are leftovers from early 2000 and never updated or they don’t exist. Some other way that I tried to search was via Google Maps Search which was mostly organic content and depended on customer ratings or comments if there’s any, and the last resource more helpful was Yelp.

What I think it would make a good business, especially for some out of college kids to walk on one street for 2 miles and offer to 15 or more shops some Web Design Services with Local SEO (Yelp, GMB and why not Yellow Pages). This is to me ideal playground to learn and it gives you plenty of room to test and achieve good results.

At some point, i parked my car in a safe place, and I decided to use this alternative method of transportation which was fun.

Alternative Transportation Not SEO Friendly
Alternative Transportation Not SEO Friendly

P.S: I know that this cover picture looks horrible but I had to try it, I’m inspired by some really bad YouTube thumbnails that I needed to test. 

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