Google’s Image Analysis – Easily detecting broad sets of objects on images

Posted on: May 9, 2018 - In: SEO

Google wants to broaden your horizons — and maybe put some “fake news” to rest — with its updated News app.

The company rolled out the new program during its I/O conference Tuesday. It uses artificial intelligence to show everyone a broad perspective on the same information, unlike, say, the Facebook News Feed, which varies wildly from person to person. In other words, a story about President Donald Trump and Iran may incorporate information from a number of outlets, but it will look the same to everyone who sees it.

I didn’t attend the event, instead I was watching online and being fascinated by new features and gadgets.

Somehow after falling in the rabbit hole, I came across this feature that made me think that how easy it is for your images to let down your website’s content quality, I run a few images through  and the results are mind-blowing.

Intentionally I renamed this stock picture in Albanian and this is what it found out:


Spice 64%
Flavor 58%
Spice 64% Harissa 60% Superfood 59% Flavor 58% Bell Peppers And Chili Peppers 54% Condiment 54% Ketchup 50%
Web Entities:
Spice 0.6517
Health 0.6032
Food 0.5632
Paprika 0.4668
Powder 0.4304
Eating 0.4297
Capsicum 0.14192


Pages with Matched Images
Fully Matched Images

Recipe Showcase

Cayenne Pepper

Partially Matched Images

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Safe Search:

Now imagine if you are using stock images on your blog or web and Google is raking you using these kinds of data as part of the raking system your SEO work would be destroyed.


Try it:


Google Cloud Vision API enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. It quickly classifies images into thousands of categories (e.g., “sailboat”, “lion”, “Eiffel Tower”), detects individual objects and faces within images, and finds and reads printed words contained within images. You can build metadata on your image catalog, moderate offensive content, or enable new marketing scenarios through image sentiment analysis. Analyze images uploaded in the request or integrate with your image storage on Google Cloud Storage.

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