SEO talk at Linkedin with BayAreaSearch

Today after my day job, with my friend from work we attended to an event called BayAreaSearch, it is an April SEO Meetup that I found by coincidence on Eventbrite since my friend James (the hipster one) decided to join me I didn’t mind traffic that much. Even though it was like 1 hour and 20 min drive from San Jose with all the traffic in Bay Area it was fair enough.

LinkedIn Corporation

LinkedIn Corporation

Im impressed with the LinkedIn, from the entrance area this huge space with minimal design.

Anyway, after we checked in and got our ID’s we were able to go to one of the presentation rooms where the event was happening, I didn’t take many pictures because we were a bit late and we tried to engage in conversation and network for a bit, like organic SEO for humans for about 15 min that was left of it.

I was not in a mood to have a small talk and meet with people but James was killing it (he is peoples person), he introduced me to some people that he just meet and we had some SEO related talks, it was good, we even meet this guy that we didn’t know he was a speaker, and Krista which was Analytics Advocate @Google.

From left: Andrew Shotland @ BayAreaSearch /Arun Jay Senior Product Manager @ Linkedin / SEO Consultant (Butterfly?) / Aleyda Solis SEO Consultant @ aleydasolis  / SEO Consultant (Netflix)

From left: Andrew Shotland @ BayAreaSearch / Arun Jay Senior Product Manager @ Linkedin / Kyle Blanchette Data Strategy at  / Aleyda Solis SEO Consultant @ aleydasolis  / SEO Consultant (Netflix)

Everything was ready at 7 PM, the panel started the conversation by telling us who are they and why there are talking there, I wasn’t planning on blogging that’s why I don’t have everyone’s name.

From left: Andrew Shotland @ BayAreaSearch / Arun Jay Senior Product Manager @ Linkedin / Kyle Blanchette Data Strategy at Aleyda Solis SEO Consultant @ aleydasolis  / SEO Consultant (from Netflix)
I will update the names and link them as soon as I find out the right names, feel free to update me.

The first question was describe your biggest SEO mistake and lesson learned. They all had some good stories that made me think of my past failures but entertaining to realize that almost everyone learns their best by making mistakes.



It was like an hour of talk with some great stories, and after that, we started a conversation about best practices. We were asking them about their impression of some best cases.

This detail was interesting:


I am still not sure why some people think that AMP is not a great addition to the overall SEO but im on the favor to implement as much as we can.

Left: James Herrin - Right: Valon Badivuku

Left: James Herrin – Right: Valon Badivuku

This is James on the left and im in the right.

If you live in Bay Area and you like or work with SEO I would totally recommend visiting BayAreaSearch and attending the next event, if you happen to see me please say Hello to me or follow me @ValonBadivuku

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