Yesterday at Google campus!

Visiting Google

Posted on: March 6, 2019 - In: Bay Area Everything Google

Here’s me trying to write a blog post about my visit at Google campus.

There is nothing that I can say because those are the rules and they made sure to make me sign an NDA.

I will share some photos from outside (of course) because that’s how it works if you want to visit.

This is a picture before I entered the building, actually, this part of the campus is open to the public. You are not supposed to bike around if you do not work for Google but I see people biking around Googleplex all the time.

Google Campus - Bikes
Google Campus – Bikes

As you can tell when I visit googlepplex I make sure that it is raining.

Google Front Office
Google Front Office

This is one of the waiting rooms; it was as comfortable as it gets. I want my living room to look like this. Unfortunately, I had to wait just a few minutes, and I was inside the building where I was not authorized to take any pictures or discuss here it.

This is my attempt to write a blog without disclosing anything.

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