Qysh Me means How To?

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Qysh Me is the first Albanian website focused on education. We believe that everything starts with one simple question and that is How To?

Qysh Me was founded in 2011 as a side project when I was working in the same company with Korab Osmanaj. At the time our work schedule was 4 AM – 1 PM and most of the lunch breaks we would just talk and try not to feel asleep and come up with different ideas.

Most of our relatives started calling us on the phone and asking questions about their computer problems, this happened all the time after 7 pm which was late for us since we were waking up at around 3 AM. One day we were talking about something specific that I cannot recall and we realized we were supporting most of our family and friends with similar questions like: How to fix ___ ? (Qysh me ___ ?)

This is where all started, we decided to put all of these easy questions on writing and just send links to people instead of explaining everything via phone all the time and repeating steps (boring for us at the time)

We came up with the name How To in Albanian and luckily it was about the time that .me domains were released for the general public. We did a domain hack and acquired Qysh.Me domain which is short and meaningful for our project.

We started on our laptops in a coffee shop by installing WordPress and used a with Theme that seemed most appropriate at the time, this is one of the first layouts in mid of 2011

Qysh Me - December 2011

This picture down below is from early 2013 after the interview on a national TV with Koha Vision.

Shortly after we grabbed some media attention we started creating our team, we started on a voluntary basis and worked every day. First, to join our team was Fisnik Sylka, we met via facebook when he messaged us and recommended an optimization that we needed. Shortly he was helping us on a day to day with everything and we all were learning a lot during those times. He grew fascinated with SEO and shortly became our SEO Manager Nowadays he is a well-respected SEO Strategist and works with international clients.

Fisnik introduced us to his friend, our fourth team member Dardan Hasku that joined our team as Social Media Manager. Presently Dardan has his own Social Media Agency called Dardha and it is one of the top agencies in Kosovo.

After more than two years of working on Qysh Me project, we felt ready to incorporate it as an official startup which is the time when Uranik Begu joined our team as Marketing Specialist and we became a real company in May 2013 (according to our business certificate).

This is the preview of our 2014 design that we crafted carefully

Qysh Me - May 2014
Qysh Me – May 2014

I found this picture on my facebook that shows the team working on this at the time. Starting from left Valon (Me) Fisnik Sylka, Faton Selishta and Arianit Fazliu (Kutia) and Korab Osmanaj (with glasses)

And our IOS and Android app back in 2015 was created by Zombie Soup, special thanks to Celik Nimani, Agon Avdimetaj, and Dorjan Berishaj.

The first Albanian App focused on Education

As the first Albanian website focused on Education we got a decent following on our facebook page fb.com/QyshMe about 100.000 Likes by January 2016 and many followers on twitter.com/QyshMe and Instagram.com/QyshMe.

100k Likes on Facebook

-This was a short story of how we created Qysh.Me

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