Yesterday at Google campus!

Visiting Google

Here’s me trying to write a blog post about my visit at Google campus. There is nothing that I can say because those are the rules and they made sure to make me sign an NDA. I will share some photos from outside (of course) because that’s how it works if you want to visit.

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Hello 2019, I’m Back!

This is "the machine" or MRI Scanner

Hello everyone, I hope the new year has started well for you all. This is my attempt to get back here and write, after visiting my family for the end of the year holidays somehow I managed to hurt my lower back.

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Traveling to Silicon Valley – My Guide

traveling to silicon valley

If you are going to visit Silicon Valley I would suggest trying to find a few industry events and investor/startup pitch days to get a sense of what’s going on, and which are often open to the public, findable on Meetup and/or Eventbrite, and most often held at:

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Hello, I’m Back and Startup School by Y-Combinator

valon badivuku at y combinator

Y Combinator’s Startup School is a community of high-quality entrepreneurs and industry professionals as you might know the Y Combinator is a startup program and it harder to get into than Harvard, and they made a mistake which concluded on accepting all 15,000 applicants into Startup School after a major screwup and our team are […]

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MozCon – The Easiest Way To Learn Many SEO Things at Once?

Seattle, Washington is the perfect location for SEO Talks to launch another discussion series and tech blog, with MozCon happening in the city. The event is home to some of the top SEO talent, including notable success stories such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Located just minutes north of Downtown, the convention center corridor is […]

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Finally we got engaged!

Valon and Eldita got Engaged!

We got Engaged! This trip has been in the pipeline pretty much since the moment I and my girlfriend (Eldita) decided to get married. Having never been together for more than 10 years, this was just formality but looking back two weeks later I think we had been a blast.

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You should see this mechanical calculator

We Could Divide by Zero in this old machine. Okay, let us imagine we can divide by zero, and see what happens.

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Minimum Wage Machine – Work in Progress

This picture reminds us that there is more to work and compensation than just earning a salary. People should not have to endure jobs that are soul-crushing and lack meaning, even if they pay well. Instead, we should strive for a world where everyone is able to do work that they enjoy and that gives […]

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Sending bricks to Donald J. Trump and making him pay!

We still honestly don’t know how the Republican candidate for president, Donald J. Trump will make Mexico pay for “the wall”, but one frustrated citizen from San Jose showed creativity and has ideas.

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Hello world!

This is my first post, and i will try to blog in english, if you notice something that you think it’s not correct and wanna help, please email me valon(@)badivuku(.)com Enjoy.

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