3 Things I’ve Learned When My Car Tire Blow – SEO

After working on SEMrush (Mainly Testing) and got Certified in SEO Fundamentals, my mind was going places and I had plenty of ideas. I decided to drive to Campbell downtown to grab some food and catch some Pokemon and think of something to blog on. While on I880 Southbound I realized that my car was sliding right side and it was the first time that my tire blows out while I was driving. (more…)

Future of Gaming How Accurate They Were

This Illustration from 1982 about the Future of Gaming reminded that growing up I had a great chess book from the 70s. Near the back it talked about the future of the game, mentioning computer versions. It stated something to the effect of “computer AI will never be able to play chess, because it’s too complex.” (more…)

Illustrated Tourist Map of California, San Jose – 1927

This is something interesting that I need to share it, here for a full-size picture. (more…)

SEO talk at Linkedin with BayAreaSearch

Today after my day job, with my friend from work we attended to an event called BayAreaSearch, it is an April SEO Meetup that I found by coincidence on Eventbrite since my friend James (the hipster one) decided to join me I didn’t mind traffic that much. Even though it was like 1 hour and 20 min drive from San Jose with all the traffic in Bay Area it was fair enough. (more…)

Let’s Do This Thing – EPISODE 1

I did a thing, this is me, I’m making myself put out a video a week for now on. This is my first try to talk, and I will come back again next week. (more…)

You should see this mechanical calculator

We Could Divide by Zero in this old machine. Okay, let us imagine we can divide by zero, and see what happens. (more…)

Minimum Wage Machine – Work in Progress

Recently I came across of this picture, it is from 2016 and I thought that the same still applies even more. If you earn a decent living, it’s easy to wonder why the hell someone would do any job for such a tiny amount. You might sympathize if they were to, say, opt out of the pointless drive for full employment. Maybe you’ll start to realize that nobody should be subjected to soul-crushing robot work for so little compensation, and “being lazy” has little to do with it. (more…)

Gardens and Parks in San Jose

The List of Gardens and Parks in San Jose is a page for anyone interested or visiting San Jose, these are open to the public almost all the time. (more…)

My translations have been seen 4B times this month.

Facebook is constantly looking for passionate multilingual individuals willing to contribute translations on Facebook and enable their friends and family to enjoy the platform in their native language. (more…)

Qysh Me means How To?

Qysh Me - Startup

Qysh Me is the first Albanian website focused on education. We believe that everything starts with one simple question and that is How To?

Qysh Me was founded in 2011 as a side project when I was working in the same company with Korab Osmanaj. At the time our work schedule was 4 AM – 1 PM and most of the lunch breaks we would just talk and try not to feel asleep and come up with different ideas.