This Guy Paid For His Pizza After 13 Years

This guy paid for his pizza after 13 years, back in 2002 a man who was going through a very difficult financial time went to a pizza place and ordered a pizza for his family, a pizza for which he paid with a check that he knew that it’s going to bounce. (more…)

How to maintain a good credit score?

To maintain good credit score i recommend to:

  1. Pay all bills on time
    (Late payments, collections hurt your credit score the most)
  2. Check your credit score regularly
    (Report inaccuracies to the credit reporting agencies immediately)
  3. Manage your debts
    (Review and manage your credit card statements via online banking regularly)
  4. Establish credit history
    (To show that you can use credit responsibly, make monthly payments on time and pay at least minimum amount due)
  5. Avoid too many inquiries
    (Too many credit card applications in short time may indicate you’re talking too much debt)

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