Machine learning

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Abhishek Thakur  
Content about: Practical videos, Talks 
Featured playlists: Applied Machine Learning FrameworkTips & Tricks of machine learningmore videos!


Game development – Video Channels

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This is a wide topic. In this section, you can find YouTubers who teach about game development programs (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.), core concepts in different programming languages (JavaScript, HTML5, Java) and art/design creation, 3D modelling and much more.


Operating system – Video

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Includes videos and tutorials for the correct management and understanding of Windows, Linux, Mac and other operating systems. Learn about useful commands and settings to keep your OS up-to-date and secure. Understand how do these systems work in-deep to allow you to control them using the best methods

Operating system


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Riba Linux  
Content about: Linux 
Featured playlists: Install and overviewLinux How-to

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MSFT WebCast  
Content about: Windows 
Featured playlists: Windows Server Beginners TutorialsManaging Networking services in Windows ServerManaging Active Directory Infrastructure.

Web Development – Video Channels

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Web development includes frontend development: the very basics (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) as well as the most modern frameworks (React.js, Vue.js, Angular). It also includes backend development topics, like Node.js, GraphQL, SQL and more basic things, like DNS, URLs, Deployment. You can also find freelancing as a web developer and other related stuff.


Programming in general – Video Channels

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Programming in general

There’re a lot of programming languages out there. In this section, you can find any programming language, including Python, C, Java. Also, many YouTubers teach about frameworks of these languages. Not only programming languages but more general programming stuff. You can find either practical tutorials or theoretical tutorials.


Hello, September

This is a test! – Trying to autoplay this video and loop it on WordPress!

Striping the paint from #AppleCard

Someone took off the paint from AppleCard – you can see CNC markings on the titanium beneath the magnetic strip.

Apple Card Original

Invited to get Apple Card

Invited to get Apple Card

If you don’t know much about Apple Card there are lots of friendly people here to give advice about credit scores, APR and the general interface isn’t the Wallet app. Also


Google Acquires Moz for $550 million

Google and Moz

We’re better together.

Google CEO said: We share a belief that search is the critical marketing strategy that will help you grow your business.


Yesterday at Google campus!

Visiting Google

Here’s me trying to write a blog post about my visit at Google campus.

There is nothing that I can say because those are the rules and they made sure to make me sign an NDA.

I will share some photos from outside (of course) because that’s how it works if you want to visit.